Phytium’s Chip, Empowering the Future

Homegrown innovation in core technologies and open collaboration in industry ecosystem

Industry alliance

Phytium has joined authoritative associations/alliances in various fields of the industry and participated in discussions on technology exchange, ecological co-construction, standard formulation, industry policies and related areas in order to assist upstream and downstream partners (for example, industry enterprise users, software vendors, device vendors) to improve the technical system and framework, form standards in related fields and promote the synergy of industry technologies. At the same time, Phytium has carried out relevant compliance testing and verification work with vendors in the association/alliance and promoted the formulation of relevant testing specifications such as product interconnection and certification, communication and exchange of testing samples, testing and certification work of various vendors and promotion of testing activities.

Alliance organizations

  • 边缘计算产业联盟
  • 工业控制系统产业联盟
  • 绿色计算产业联盟
  • 软件定义卫星技术联盟
  • 天津市大数据协会
  • 天津市集成电路行业协会