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Letter on inviting your company to participate in the release, promotion and application of Phytium industry collaboration solutions (Phase II)

Updated:04 30,2020 Published by:Phytium Technology Co., Ltd.

To the concerned solution department in your company:

Phytium is a national CPU design team with a successful past and a mission. Since its establishment, Phytium has followed the development path of "homegrown innovation in core technologies and open collaboration in industry ecosystem" and has established the most complete and largest domestic CPU ecosystem with more than 1,000 software and hardware vendors, covering the overall use and technology of information systems in the national party and government offices and various industry directions, as well as national IPS and has extensive end-user resources.

In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading process of China's industry information construction and to solve the "last mile" problem in the application of the network information industry, Phytium and its industry eco-partners recently released the Phase I Collaboration Solution, which includes 4 categories for more than 90 industries, covering such fields as network information, telecom, finance, energy, transportation, healthcare, digital city and industrial manufacturing and coupling technical directions such as cloud computing, big data, 5G, AI and blockchain to provide new driving forces for the rapid development of industry information construction. Please refer to the Phytium WeChat official account or the Phytium website [www.phytium.com.cn] for the documents under “Phase I Collaboration Solutions”.

We formally invite your company to cooperate with Phytium's professional solution team to carry out the Phase II collaboration solution activity and to jointly build a system-level full-stack solution based on the domestic Phytium platform, which has been integrated and verified by practical engineering. This will provide a strong basis and decision-making reference for the informationization transformation and upgrading for industry customers and provide a solution to the "last mile" problem of domestic platform application in the industry. The final outcome will include but not limited to:
1) A set of industry collaboration solutions provided by Phytium;
2) Introducing your company's collaboration solutions to the Phytium eco-partner conference, ecological working group meeting, related promotional activities, related WeChat official account, media release activities and securities trader research and promotional activities;
3) Introducing your company's collaboration solutions to users through various channels such as Phytium's public report materials and promotional videos.
 Please provide the following written materials as listed below. The first draft will be promoted and released after asking for your company's opinion.

XX Industry __Collaboration Solution by XX and Phytium

        1. Overview
        a) Industry users’ needs or problems encountered
        b) Problems that can be solved by the solution
        2. Details
        a) Introduction: including the system construction environment and software & hardware configuration.
        b) The implementation effect of the solution: indicating the operation effect of the solution and whether the user's needs are satisfied. If the case has been implemented or verified, please provide the actual testing results, pictures and other supporting materials.
        c) Related products: listing the products of your company used in the solution.
        d) Successful cases.
        3. Introduction of your company, your advantages in the XX industry, products and achievements, etc.

        Note: Please fill in the above form according to the provided Word template; in case of any attached pictures and tables (for example, architecture diagram, topological diagram and comparison diagram), please provide them in source format.

Written materials may be sent via e-mail. If any trade secret is involved, NDA agreement may be signed and if any other secrets are involved, a face-to-face meeting may be convened for security.
We sincerely look forward to your feedback and hope to jointly advance the release and promotion of professional collaboration solutions.

Data download:
Please go to the Website Download center — Solution manuals — Collaboration solutions to download the Word Template of Collaboration Solutions.

For information release or consultation, please contact:

For solution release or consultation, please contact:
Wang Yanning 18611191350



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