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Full-Stack Solutions

With the advent of the Internet of Everything era, users are calling for higher performance, better user experience and more ubiquitous access to cloud services for terminal devices, whether they are individually deployed personal computers, thin clients accessing cloud platforms or other diversified devices accessing servers by wired and wireless routes. With the development of cloud computing technology, the government, finance, telecom, education and other industries are seeking to transform data handling. They have begun to migrate from the traditional information system "chimney" construction mode to the private cloud or even the public cloud environment and the requirements for high computing power and low power consumption of cloud service devices are increasing.

From the terminal to the cloud, various devices, software and their deployment modes constitute a huge "ecosystem". As one of the fundamental chip suppliers to full stacks of this system, Phytium provides core computing power for various terminals, servers, networks, storage and security devices and is vertically adaptive to and compatible with system software and application software at all levels.

Phytium considers (from the perspective of system construction) the demand for chips, the type of chips and ecosystem to meet users' requirements for terminals and cloud computing.

Phytium also plans to resolve the ecological map of Phytium for IPSs and end users, provide a set of full-stack solutions from the terminal to the cloud, give integration modes and suggestions and provide verified and convincing practical cases from the perspective of system-wide integration, in order to analyze the convergent tendency of current technical architecture and assist the information construction of various industries to gradually change to a more advanced deployment mode.



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