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Further success! Phytium's High Performance CPU R&D Team Won the “China IC Design Team of the Year”!

Updated:03 18,2021 Published by:Phytium Technology Co., Ltd.

On March 18, the "2021 China IC Leaders’ Conference and China IC Design Awards Ceremony" (organized by ASPENCORE, a leading global media group in the field of electronic technology), was held at the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai. At the Conference, Phytium Technology Co., Ltd.'s high-performance CPU R&D team won the "China IC Design Team of the year" award for its outstanding work and pioneering research and development achievements.

Now in its 19th year, the China IC Design Award has become one of the Chinese electronic industry's most prestigious and elite technical awards. It aims to honor the leading companies in the Chinese IC design industry and those who have demonstrated excellent design ability, high technical service level and great development potential, in addition to their contributions in assisting electronic design engineers in developing electronic system products. This award not only represents the industry's recognition of Phytium's outstanding R&D ability, but also enhances the brand appeal of Phytium as a leading domestic IC design company.

Since its formation, Phytium's high-performance CPU R&D team has researched and developed the domestic Phytium series high-performance CPU. They are an outstanding team active at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and the main force behind the domestic CPU R&D. The team has successfully developed high-performance server CPUs, such as FT-1500A/16, FT-2000+/64 and Tenyun S2500, through dedicated research, ambitious development and innovation. The team's research and development achievements have received many honors including the 2018 China Chip "Major Innovation Breakthrough Product" and the First Prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2019.

The Phytium high-performance CPU R&D team's latest achievement - the Tengyun S2500 - a next-generation multi-channel server CPU, has a significantly extended multi-channel expansion capability, supporting 2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel direct connections. It features the five core capabilities of high expandability, high performance, high security, high reliability and high energy efficiency. It can provide solutions with higher computing power, higher density, enhanced configuration and at lower cost for the new Industry's infrastructures.

In response to the theme of the Conference, "Breakthrough and Rise", Dr. Guo Yufeng, CTO of Phytium Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "Build a World of Digital Intelligence with Computing Power, and Create the Future Together with Chips". He mentioned that keywords such as high-end chips and third-generation semiconductors have become the focus of the "chip" blueprint in China's 14th Five-Year Plan. "The development track of domestic integrated circuits is consistent with the industrial development goal guided by China, that is, to form a full ecological, full-scenario replacement and application. Several industrial links, including basic chip, complete machine hardware, basic software, application software and network security, will usher in great development opportunities."

In his speech, Dr. Guo said that Phytium is taking a platform-based development route, which can provide users with not only a single CPU chip, but also a complete set of scenario-oriented solutions. "For example, the Dongting platform, to be launched by Phytium, will support diversified heterogeneous computing power platforms. It provides the integrated endogenous security of PSPA1.0 architecture, supports the software binary compatibility of different mainboards, and has various I/O interfaces to satisfy the needs of customers in different computing scenarios".

In addition, Phytium is developing the next-generation server CPU and an embedded CPU, and will fine-tune the design of general-purpose microprocessors, further enhance endogenous security, and continuously promote the technological and product evolution of domestic CPUs.

The Award is not only a recognition of the Phytium's high-performance CPU R&D team's scientific research achievements, but also further motivation for Phytium's mission of "focusing on the core chips in information systems in addition to supporting national information security and industrial development". Phytium will continue to focus on its key core areas "as a blacksmith in the past would spend years forging the perfect sword", and work together with partners to promote the development of China's IC industry and create a digital and intellectual future based on "chips".


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